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Strategy and planning are the most important factors for startup success. Understanding the market and creating a unique value proposition, along with a plan on how to build a successful company (not just a product), are just some of the important tasks that need to be completed in this phase.

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Customer Development (CD) is the practice of gaining customer insights to generate, test, and optimize ideas for products and services through interviews and structured experiments. CD helps you learn what your target audience actually want and may pay for, before you spend money on buiding a product (and stopping you wasting money building the wrong thing).

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Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a hugely important strategical concept in building a successful startup. The key reasons for it are: A) getting to market as quickly and as cheaply as possible; B) being able to get real customer insights with a real product; C) being able to use those insights to inform the next iteration of the product based on what customers want the most (not just based on your ideas).

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Launch marketing is crucial to getting your product into the hands of potential customers. Preparedness is key because things can move fast at this stage. You need to have your communication channels prepped, be open for feedback and ready to put out fires.

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There are basic legal requirements for getting most startups off the ground, such as: Incorporation, Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreement, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy.

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